Group Homes

The purpose of Tahoe Turning Point's Group Home Program is to provide a structured, family-like and consistent therapeutic community atmosphere. The foundation of our program is to provide individualized treatment plans that include both private and group counseling focusing on drug and alcohol recovery, mental health counseling and independent living skills. All clients are expected to work towards becoming clean, sober, and productive citizens. 

Tahoe Turning Point Group Home facilities are an RCL-10 which provide a structured, family-like community atmosphere, incorporating outdoor activities, educational options, drug and alcohol counseling along with mental health therapy. Physical, cultural, and social interactions designed to build client’s self esteem while introducing alternative living styles are integrating uniquely to each house’s program in order to provide positive, new experiences. Clients focus on their desire and commitment to work towards a personal turning point in their lives through individual counseling or group counseling focusing on drug and alcohol recovery, independent living skills. There is a strong emphasis on personal responsibility for decision-making, personal choices and consequences and positive change. 

The fundamental value of the Tahoe Turning Point Group Home program is to offer alternative means to achieve completion of personal goals important to each client’s overall success.

Target Population

Tahoe Turning Point accepts male and female clients between 13 and 18 years of age and three houses are now AB-12 certified, which extends services through the age of 19.  We also have THP+FC for all of California.  Clients are referred to our programs from the following sources:
Probation Departments, Mental Health professionals, County Mental Health departments, Social services and foster care agencies, California school districts and special education services, Adoptive parent programs and Private families in need of treatment and care for their child.

Extended Placement Options

AB-12 Availability

AB-12 placement options exist in order to provide continued, structured support within the group home for clients who are 18 years of age. Selected facilities have AB-12 placement abilities, call today to find out more information. 

Transitional Housing Plus/Transitional Housing Program + Foster Care

Providing care for youth transitioning into adulthood up to the age of 24 using a remote site model. Clients will be able to live within a rented apartment while receiving care and support through counseling services while participating in school, working towards completing their GED or vocational aspirations. Please click here to download an application or call the Youth Development Specialist for more information: 
AB-12 Group Home Placements

Allows former foster care youth to remain in placement after the age of 18 until 19 years of age. The program is held within our Mountain (males), Heavenly (girls) & Douvres (males) Houses to provide additional support and guidance to prepare for successful transitional into adulthood.

Contact the Intake Team for Group Home and Transitional Housing placement options:
Susan Scott, Program Director
Office: 530-541-4594
Cell: 530-307-0827

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